Fairtex History

Opened in 1971 Fairtex has produced champions for over forty years. The Fairtex Training Center in Pattaya is the heart of the Muay Thai, MMA, and Jiu Jitsu program for Fairtex worldwide. It has produced renown fighters such as Yodsanklai Fairtex, Naruepol Fairtex, Neungsiam Fairtex, Jongsanan Fairtex, Bunkerd Fairtex and many, many more. We welcome beginners to advanced fighters and students.

The Fairtex Muay Training Facility in Pattaya

The gym was originally located in Bangplee Bangkok, and moved to Pattaya in 2005. Affiliates have been opened in Chandler Arizona, San Francisco California, Tokyo Japan, and China. In early 2018 the Pattaya Training Center went under renovation. Our complex now offers an entire suite of equipment for the total combat athlete and enthusiast. The center has 6 full size Muay Thai rings, several fitness rooms with treadmills and weights, a yoga facility, an MMA cage, air conditioned pristine Jiu Jitsu room, strength and conditioning space, full size pool and two separate bag areas. Our facility hosts two programs; the Training Center itself and the Fairtex Sports Club. The Training Center specializes in Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu and Strength and Conditioning to make a complete athlete. The Sports Club offers a host of programs for exercise, self-defense, weight loss and fun. Programs include Body pump, Yoga, Zumba, Body Combat, and many more.

The Fairtex Muay Thai Trainers

Our elite team of trainers are all Muay Thai professionals, each with a lengthy history in fighting and training Muay Thai. Many are former champions and all have enjoyed successful ring careers with years of fighting experience to pass on to our students. During training sessions students receive personal instruction from our trainers on Traditional Muaythai training methods including Ring Tactics, Techniques, Skill and conditioning.

Muay Thai Fighters

Fairtex prides itself on its fighters. They are proof that the Fairtex system works. Our boxers are accomplished fighters around the world. We’ve had our nak muay at Max Muay Thai, Lumpinee, Rajadamnern, Super Champ 8, One Championship, Glory, Kun Lun and other locations around the world.


Fairtex FAQ

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is a ring sport with boxers, or nak muay, using their “8 Limbs” for defense and attack. The fighters use their fists, elbows, knees, and shins in combat. Bouts are scored on a 10 point must system. A boxer who wins a round is given a score of 10, the loser a 9. The total is tallied at the end of the bout and the higher scoring boxer is awarded the fight. Traditionally the bouts have been composed of five three minute round bouts. Stadiums such as Rajadamnern, Lumpinee, and Channel 7 all still adhere to this format. Modern Muay Thai promotions such as Max Muay Thai, Thai Fight, and One Championship will often have only three three minute round bouts. The sport began in the 18thcentury in Thailand as a martial art for self defense. The sport was modernized during the reign of King Rama VII. Rounds, timing, and established rings for the bouts were developed. During this period the boxers began to wear gloves during fights. In the present day Muay Thai is considered to be the best stand up combat sport in the world. The techniques have been applied in various forms of fighting from kickboxing to MMA. Many combat specialists undergo Muay Thai training for their striking. Muay Thai boxers have dominated other stand up sports such as kickboxing. Muay Thai fighters have also successfully transitioned into other ring sports such as western style boxing. The growth of MMA has had many fighters train in Muay Thai.

Can Beginners do Muay Thai at Fairtex?

Fairtex is a great place for both experienced and beginning Muay Thai students. Our trainers have developed students from novices to seasoned professionals. The Fairtex Muay Thai camp works with students according to their needs and abilities. Fairtex prides itself on giving quality instruction to each and every student regardless of skill level.

What is the training like?

Training for a typical Muay Thai session will begin with a light warm up. This can be a run or skipping rope. Students will stretch and then be called into the ring to work one on one with a trainer.  Krus, or trainers, will have students shadow box and work on basic technique. Pad work will follow. Students practice using their punches, kicks, knees and elbows for 4-5 rounds of 4 minute duration. A one minute break is given after each round. Once pad work is finished students will hit the bag for 4-5 rounds and then depending on skill level will spar and clinch, the standing wrestling in which boxers knee each other. Professional boxers will train twice a day with a long run in the mornings followed by a Muay Thai session. Afternoons will have a shorter run but higher intensity session. Boxers will train 6 days a week.

Who are your trainers?

Our trainers are battle tested former boxers. Many have worked at the gym for over a decade and are committed to Fairtex. Our trainers speak English and fluent Thai. Their experience in teaching allows them to teach all students no matter the language.

Do I have to spar?

Sparring and clinching is totally up to the student. It is, however, a great way to learn defense and techniques and to hone skills learned. If a student is looking to fight, they are expected to spar regularly.

Can kids do Muay Thai at Fairtex?

We encourage people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities to train Muay Thai. It is a great way to get in shape, learn discipline, and practice self defense.

Can women train at Fairtex?

Fairtex is an inclusive gym with boxers of all genders. We have had professional female, trans, and male fighters

Can I buy gloves and equipment at Fairtex?

We have a pro shop on site with all equipment necessary. Students can purchase mouth guards, gloves, hand wraps, shin pads, shorts and other equipment right at the gym.

What is the difference between Muay Thai and MMA?

Muay Thai is a stand up combat sport. When the boxers fall to the ground they are stood back up by the referee. MMA involves on the ground wrestling. The sport does include many Muay Thai techniques such as grappling, punching, kicking and elbowing.

How does Muay Thai change the body?

Muay Thai is a high intensity sport that burns calories. For a 150lb person an hour of Muay Thai will burn 1000 calories per hour. Many boxers and students have lean toned bodies from the cardio and conditioning. We have seen students come into the gym, stay for a month and leave in the best shape of their lives.

Can I fight for Fairtex?

We provide long term students an opportunity to fight according to their ability and skill set. We’ve had boxers fight at Rajadamnern, Lumpinee, Max Muay Thai, Super Champ, One Championship and other promotions around the world. Students must show the required level of commitment, capabilities and be a team player in order to get in the ring. Fighting is a privilege not a right.

Do you sponsor fighters?

Fairtex does sponsor fighters. Candidates for sponsorship are required to send a resume of accomplishments, height, weight, video of previous fights etc. Candidates will be reviewed and replied to in turn. Sponsorship with Fairtex is a mutually beneficial relationship, it is not a donation.