Two types of yoga core class (A) Intermediate (B) Multi-level Yoga Core Both classes have combined flow and mattPilates. Benefits of Yoga core - Basicallythis class is good for belly and hip, after that reduces the fat and strengthens one's belly and hip. However, it is not suitable for thosepeople who have back, neck and heart problem.

Power Yoga

Two types of power yoga class, 1st one is Intermediate and 2nd oneis multi-level. Benefits of Power Yoga : It increases one's body power and balance power however, those with high blood pressure, heart and knee problem should avoid this exercise.

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga benefits your body because it assists your body in sweating out toxins while allowing the practitioner to safely come deeper into asanas (poses or stretches). The room heat for a hot yoga session is in between approximately 30° to 50° C (85° to 125° F). It reduces the weight, strengthens the full whole joints and muscles, and incises the energy power in the body.

Back Pain Therapy

This class is good for neck, shoulder and any kind of problem for back.


This is a beginner class consists of only 12 postures from head to toe.

Hatcha Yoga

Two types of Hatha Yoga, 1st one intermediate and 2nd beginner. Hatha Yoga has several benefits. It promotes focus and concentration and it helps the practitioner to learn how to relax his/her tense muscles. It also increases one's strength and flexibility. One limitation of this exercise program is that it does not seek to increase the heart rate like aerobic exercise, so it does not have the cardiac benefit ofa brisk walk.


This is a three part exercise, 1st one is the breathing exercise, 2nd one is the relaxation of the body and 3rd one is